High-Quality Uniforms

About Us

Kindergarten, primary, and secondary school uniforms are among the various uniforms offered under the Uni1One brand. For a very long time, we have worked very hard to create Uni1One school uniforms that are high-quality, long-lasting, and comfortable for kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school children.

Our Business

Established in 2009

Every child has worn the modest and cherished school uniform at some point. It is what kids wear every day when they go to school to play, develop, and learn important skills that will eventually mold them as people.

The correct school uniform that fits well lasts a long time and, most importantly, gives the highest level of comfort, which may make school life easier for students and parents. Because of this, Uni1One is the school and extracurricular uniform brand chosen by parents who only want the best for their kids.


All of our school uniforms are made from high-quality, anti-wrinkle, and durable fabrics!


We have more than a decade’s experience as school uniform manufacturers.

High Volume

With our expertise, we are able to produce high-volume school uniforms.

“Uni1One was conceived to manufacture affordable yet high-quality school and co-curriculum uniforms.”

Mdm Tan