How To Choose The Material

Get To Know Your Material

Everything That You Need To Know

Different materials offer a range of qualities and features that help you comfortable with the cloth. Here is our advice on selecting the appropriate material:

1. Tetron Cotton T/C

It is a composition of cotton and polyester. T/C material that is used in Uni1One’s products consists of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

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2. Tetron Cotton with Anti-wrinkle Finishing

Same composition as Tetron Cotton. Anti-wrinkle finishing makes the material easier to iron, handle.

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3. Koshibo

This material consists of 100% Polyester. It is well-known for its anti-wrinkle characteristic.

It is easy to iron, soft with a nice dripping effect.

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4. TC Drill

It is a composition of cotton and polyester. This material is thick thus suitable as the material for pants.

It tends to get softer after several wash and become really comfy to wear.

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5. TR Viscose

65% polyester, 35% Viscose. Viscose fiber is made from purified cellulose, it is produced from specially processed wood pulp.

Uni1One’s TR Viscose is thick, with fine dripping effect. This material becomes softer with natural touch after washings.

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6. Gaberdine

This material consists of 100% polyester. Gaberdine is thicker than Koshibo with obvious twill. It is light and soft, easier to iron, handle.

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