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How To Use Our Size Spec

1. Take down your kid’s body measurements. (shoulder, chest, waist, body length, hip, pants/dress length)

2. If you wish to purchase a uniform with similar measurements as your current uniform, you can also take down the measurements of your current school uniform.

3. Please note that for ‘shoulder’, we measure the length between our shoulder bones. Do not extend the measurement to the arms.

4. In our size spec form, you will see the actual measurements of that item.

5. For shirt / baju kurung, we usually leave 1” space on the shoulder and 3”~4” space on the chest so that the uniform would not be too tight.

6. For pants / dress / kain susun, besides waist measurements, you need to consider the hip and length measurement as well to avoid uniforms that are too tight or too short.

Shirt Size

Pants Size